About Us

The Monstal company is a Polish company that has been operating since 2010.
The main activity of the company is the distribution of industrial fittings.

Through the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years, our main goal is customer satisfaction and professional approach,

Our offer includes pipe elements made of carbon steel, including steel flanges, Hamburg elbows, reductions, tees, bottoms, etc.

We are a company supplying enterprises of various industries, including: shipbuilding, heating, installation, energy, petrochemical, mining, etc.

We count on your interest and establishing mutually beneficial business contacts.

We are at your disposal!!!



95-200 Pabianice
ul. Mała 3/22
Warehouse / Office
95-054 Ksawerów
Wola Zaradzyńska
ul. Chmielna 2, Magazyn nr 6
Tax ID
Monika Jagodzińska
phone: 731 181 145